We collected the most asked questions here with an answer.

What is bluebook ?

bluebook is a cloud based solution for managing visitor registration.
The solution consists of a:

Why should I care ?

Visitor registration is a requirement in many building and office receptions. Traditional methods in guest registration are extremely deficient. They are, to name a few:

Where can I use bluebook ?

So how does it work ?

It’s simple. bluebook is a touch screen friendly app that runs on any Windows 10 device. You may download the app from the Windows App Store. We built it this way to accommodate a wide range of devices. Guests or receptionists (on behalf of guests) interact with the app to capture the visit details.

At the same time, we have provided a cloud based portal that permits office or facility managers to:

How do I get started ?

You need 4 things and you’re good to go.

  1. A subscription. Subscriptions are available on a per month per location basis. Kindly get in touch to arrange a demo.
  2. Software
    a. Download the app bluebook on the Microsoft App store
    b. Get onto the portal on https://www.my.bluebook.tech (Use your credentials to log in)
  3. Internet Connection: A wi-fi connection, or a 4G dongle would work
  4. Hardware: Any Windows 10 based hardware. We generally recommend the Microsoft Surface line

How do I get started ?

Also simple. You will need a 

Can I see it without trialing ?

Absolutely! To log visits, download the bluebook app and use our demo account
demo@bluebook.tech (PIN: 123456)
As for the administrator portal , use the same email with password demodemo


What are the main features of bluebook ?


Data Retention Unlimited
Visits Unlimited
Hosts Unlimited
Locations Unlimited
Custom Visitor Fields
Host Notification – Email
Host Notification – SMS/Voice ✓ (Extra)
ID Scanning

How is bluebook priced ?

Bluebook adopts a straightforward per location prepaid  pricing model. You can subscribe monthly or annually while specifying the number of locations required. We offer volume discounts for multiple locations as well as annual plans. Please contact us for more information.


Do you have a free plan?

No but our plan come with a free, no obligation, one month trial. You will only be charged at the end of the trial.


I want to cancel my subscription, can I keep my data ?

Bluebook features the ability to print and export your data. We currently support CSV and PDF export of your basic visit data.


How is my data secure ?

Security is our number one priority at bluebook. We care deeply about our services and about our customer’s data being secure. Our Trust and Security page details some of the controls we put together to support this goal.


What training is included with bluebook ?

We have worked hard on producing easy to follow user guides in multiple mediums (document and video). Need more help? Talk to us


What support is included with bluebook?

Your plan comes with free email support (support@bluebook.tech)